If you have a dog prone to food intolerances then you should look for a diet that is:

Hypoallergenic – this means it is free from ingredients such as wheat gluten, soya and beef which can be common causes of food intolerances.

Limited to simple, single protein (e.g. lamb) and a single carbohydrate (e.g. rice) combination – this is recommended for sensitive tummies.

High in digestible fibre. This means fibre that provides the right amount of bulk for firm stools and maximum absorption of nutrients. For example beet pulp (what is left when the sugar is removed from sugar beet) will help aid digestion and aid stool quality.

Burgess Supadog Sensitive is formulated to aid digestion and is suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies.



Owning a dog is something millions of us do; after all, the dog is man’s best friend and forms a loving part of any family. But dog ownership can be tricky, especially if you struggle with your dog’s digestion. Perhaps you have a dog that has frequent tummy problems including sickness or diarrhoea or perhaps you have a windy dog that can quickly clear a room with his gassy odours!?*

For mild tummy complaints it could be a simple case of food intolerance and in this instance it may be worth considering a hypoallergenic, complete food for your dog.

Burgess Supadog Sensitive is a complete, hypoallergenic dog food for dogs over 12 months and is formulated from high quality ingredients.  Made in Yorkshire from local ingredients, Supadog Sensitive is quite unique from other products within the Supadog range. It is the only product to use British Lamb and combines this meat protein with rice as the core carbohydrate. Beet pulp is also used to aid digestion. You will not find any of the common allergy triggers within Supadog Sensitive, such as wheat, maize, gluten, eggs, beef or dairy.

Burgess Supadog Sensitive ingredients:

Lamb meal (min 26%)

Rice (min 26%)

Beet Pulp

Poultry Fat


*With any medical matters we would always recommend a visit to the vet


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